Hi, my name is Maira Bastiani. I was born in Brazil.

I am graduated in Hotel Management and have worked for a few years in this area in my home country. At some point, I decided to travel to Ireland to study English and improve my language skills.

After living here for years with their ups and downs, I realised that this place, the Emerald Isle, is where I want to be. During that time, I found the love of my life, and we are together and happily married ever since.

At the end of 2014, I discovered that I was pregnant. Today, I have the most beautiful boy that I can call my son and since then I have a cool dude beside me! 🙂

I never considered photography as a career but I always had it as a hobby. Since I was a child, I had several cameras, millions of photos and more photos with no real purpose. They were photos of random events, travels and family.

Wanting it or not, deep down I always loved to capture those “normal” moments.
After my son was born and consequently having taken a time out from work, I decided to buy a semi-professional camera to take photos of my baby and for fun in general.

Then I realised it was not just for fun – taking pictures was actually what I’ve always wanted to do with my life.

It was with a simple second-hand camera that I started to take some courses and workshops to improve my photography skills, step by step until today.

Since my first pictures, back when I was a teenager, my photos were taken to show spontaneous moments, day to day life of families, friends and people around me and since then I have kept this preference.

Lifestyle photos give me the desire to learn more and more, to make an effort and go further in my learning and to progress, because through them I see love, tenderness, happiness, and most importantly, the reality of people that I photograph.